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Chondroitin Sulfate, Bovine&shark cartilage Specification:

Chondroitin Sulfate powder; 85%, 90%, 95%
Extract from bovine or shark cartilage
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Appearance: ...
Min. Order: 10 kgs
Milk thistle extract, Silybum marianum extract:

1)Silymarin 80% DAB10
2)Silybin 80%-99% HPLC
3) Silymarin 70%(UV) Extracted by Ethanol
4) Silymarin flavone 80%(UV) Extracted ...
Min. Order: 25 kgs
Green Coffee bean extract Specification:

Chlorogenic acid 10% 20% 50% HPLC

Latin name: Coffea arabica L.
Appearance: Light yellow brown to off white fine powder
Plant part ...
Min. Order: 10 kgs
Gardenia jasminoides Ellis extract, Geniposide specifictions:

1)Geniposide 50%-95% HPLC

2)Natural pigment: Gardenia Yellow, green, red, blue, Colority can be customed
Tremella fuciformis extract Specifictions:

Tremella fuciformis extract: Polysaccharides 10%-40%

Latin name: Tremella fuciformis
Other name: White fungus, white agaric, white ...
Min. Order: 25 kgs
Silymarin Specifictions:

1)Silymarin 80% DAB10
2)Silybin 80%-99% HPLC
3) Silymarin 70%(UV) Extracted by Ethanol
4) Silymarin flavone 80%(UV) Extracted by Ethyl Acetate
5) ...
Lycopene, tomato extract specificitions:
(1)Tomato fermentation Lycopene powder: 5%-98% HPLC
(2)Tomato fermentation Lycopene oil: 5%-90% HPLC
(3)Tomato fermentation Water ...
Min. Order: 10 kgs
Lycopene, tomato extract specificitions:
(1)Tomato extract Lycopene powder: 5%-20% UV/HPLC
(2)Tomato extractLycopene oil 6% UV/HPLC
(3)Tomato fermentation Lycopene powder: ...
Min. Order: 10 kgs
Lotus leaf extract, Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn extract specifictions:

1)Nuciferine 2% UV/HPLC

2)Nuciferine 5% 95% 98% HPLC

Product Name: Lotus leaf extract, Nelumbo nucifera ...
Min. Order: 25 kgs
Griffonia simplicifolia seed extract, Griffonia seed extract. 5-hydroxytryptophan Specification:

5-HTP 20%-99% HPLC

Latin name: Griffonia simplicifolia

Appearance: White ...
Red yeast rice specificitions:

(1)Red yeast rice powder: Lovastatin(Monaconlin-K) 0.4%-3.0%

Product name: Red yeast rice extract, Red yeast rice powder
Latin name: Monascus ...
Min. Order: 25 kgs

1)Lutein 5%-90% UV/HPLC powder Food grade
2)Lutein 5%-20% HPLC water soluble powder
3)Lutein 5%-20% HPLC beadlet Powder for tablet
4)Lutein 2% UV Feed grade ...
Min. Order: 10 kgs
Cnidium extract, Cnidium monnieri extract Osthole Specification:
(1)Cnidium extract Osthole 10% Brown green powder
(2)Cnidium extract Osthole 20%-70% Yellow green powder ...
Min. Order: 25 kgs
Luo han guo extract, momordica grosvenori extract Specification:

1) Mogrosides 10%-98% UV

2) Mogroside V 25%-45% HPLC

3) Mogroside V 30%-60% HPLC White color, W-S, Without ...
Polyporus umbellatus extract Specifictions:

Polyporus umbellatus extract: Polysaccharides 10%-40%

Latin name: Polyporus umbellatus
Other name: Agaric Polyporus, umbellate ...
Min. Order: 25 kgs
Agaricus blazei extract Specifictions:

1)Agaricus blazei extract Polysaccharides 10%-50%
2)Agaricus blazei powder 60-300Mesh

Latin Name: Agaricus blazei murrill

Our ...
Min. Order: 25 kgs
Mulberry leaf extract, Mulberry extract specifictions:
(1) Mulberry leaf extract: 1-Deoxyjirimicin 1-DNJ 1%-5% HPLC
(2) Mulberry leaf extract: 1-Deoxyjirimicin 1-DNJ 10%-90% HPLC ...
Min. Order: 25 kgs
Apple extract, apple root extract, apple skin extract, Malus pumila Mill extract Specification:

1)Apple polyphenols 10%-95% UV

2)Phloridzin 10%-98 HPLC

3)Phloretin 10%-98 ...
Min. Order: 1 kg
Griffonia Seed Extract Specification:

5-HTP 20%-99% HPLC

Latin name: Griffonia simplicifolia
Appearance: White Powder
Other name: Griffonia simplicifolia seed extract, ...
Cordyceps sinensis extract Specifictions:

1)Cordyceps sinensis extract: Polysaccharides 10%-50%
2)Cordyceps sinensis extract: Polysaccharides 10% Adennosine 0.3%
3)Cordyceps ...
Min. Order: 25 kgs
China Bilberry Extract Specifiction

1)China Bilberry extract Latin name: Vaccinium uliginosum

Anthocyanidins 25% UV

2) European bilberry extract Latin name: Vaccinium ...
Mango extract, Mangifera indica Linn extract Specification:

1)Mangiferin 10%-98% UV

Latin name: Mangifera indica Linn

Appearance: Brown yellow powder

Plant part used: ...
Min. Order: 10 kgs
Red clover extract Specifictions:

Red clover extract powder: Isoflavones 2.5% 8% 20% 40% HPLC

Product Name: Red clover extract powder, Trifolium pratense extract
Latin name: ...
Min. Order: 25 kgs
Auricularia auricula extract Specifictions:

Auricularia auricula extract: Polysaccharides 10%-40%

Latin name: Auricularia auricula L. Ex Hook

Our production and packing ...
Min. Order: 25 kgs
Echinacea extract, Echinacea purpurea extract, specifictions:

1) Echinacea extract: Polyphenols 4% UV

2) Echinacea extract: Cichoric Acid 2% 3% 4% HPLC

Product Name: ...
Min. Order: 25 kgs
Senna leaf extract, folium sennae extract, sennoside specifictions:
(1)Senna leaf extract(sennoside A+B) 20% HPLC USP
(2)Senna leaf extract(sennoside A+B) 60% HPLC USP
(3)Senna ...
Min. Order: 25 kgs
Bamboo leaf extract specifictions:
(1) Bamboo leaf extract (cosmetics composition)
Overall flavone 40%; Overall internal ester 20%

(2) Bamboo leaf extract (prandial extender) ...
Min. Order: 25 kgs

1)St. John′s wort extract powder: Hypericins 0.3% 1% UV
2)St. John′s wort extract powder: Hyperforin 3% HPLC

Product Name: St. John′s wort extract powder, ...
Min. Order: 25 kgs

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